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sailboat on canal
A perfect morning on the Erie Canal


The Week Before Departure June, 2001
Highlight 1 Cruising the Erie Canal is a Real Bargain
Highlight 2 One of the Best Things About Cruising is the People You Meet
Highlight 3 The Clueless Canaller
Highlight 4 The Canal Itself
Returning Home August, 2001
What I liked/disliked/would do differently
Photo Gallery


Equipment and Supplies
Canal Statistics and Lock and Lift Bridge Information
Navigation Information, including:
Link to current permit/toll fees
Bridge clearances and channel depths
Speed limit
Places to step and unstep sailboat masts
Charts and cruising guides
Wind and current
How to lock through
Public (most are free) tie-ups and marinas


Map of the New York State Barge Canal System
Map of the navigable waterways with locks in the U.S. and eastern Canada

For more information about the Erie Canal, check out the following web sites
(If there is an Erie Canal site you think should be added, contact me.)

General sources of information

The New York State Canal System -- The official New York State canal site. -- Includes a forum where boaters can post and respond to questions.
NY -- The Free Cruising Guide to the New York State Canal System.
Erie Lock 2 -- A site maintained by lock personnel. -- Click on canal segments button for detailed navigation information.
The Erie Canal -- A Journey Through History -- Provides a multimedia historical tour of the canal.
The Erie Canal -- Focuses on Rochester. The images are worth a look.
The Erie Canal Home Page -- More a Buffalo than an Erie Canal site but check out the folklore.
Erie Canal Online -- Two stories: a 14 year old's pre-civil war journey and a 20th century canoe trip.
History of the Erie Canal -- University of Rochester students are writing a history of the canal.
Canal Towns -- Interviews of five canal town residents.
The Erie Canal Museum
National Canal Museum
Shipsblog -- Ben Kopf has created a resource for boaters using the NYS Canal System
Cruising America's Waterways -- An on-line boater's guide for navigable rivers and canals of the U.S.

Boaters' logs and experiences

Transiting the Erie Canal Based on the log of Prism One
Cruising the New York State Canal System by Paul and Nancy Sando
Logs 8 and 9 of the S/V Red Sky
Sept 6 - Sept 19,2001 logs of the Put-In-Bay
Erie Adventures by Susan Peterson Gately
Canal boating by Paul and Ginnie Smith
Cap't Jim's Erie Canal Trip Part 1 Part 2
Manthey's Troy to Lake Ontario Canoe Trip
Onward on the Erie Cruising Logs of the M/Y Manana
Jeff Knakal's log of kayaking the entire canal in 2003
Erie Canal Journal by Jon Rieley-Goddard. Lots of photos of sights along the canal between Lockport and Brockport.

Communities on the canal

Little Falls
Medina1 Another Medina2 site

Middleport1; Another Middleport2 site
Pittsford1 Another Pittsford2 site
St. Johnsville
Tonawanda1; Another Tonawanda2 site

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