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Lady Lark's Fanfiction Page

Greetings and salutations!  I am your hostess, Lady Lark.  This is the official home for all of my fanfiction.  If you see fiction of mine hosted on other sites, it is not supported and not the official final version.  In addtion, do not take my fiction for use on your site without asking.  I like to keep track of all of the sites that host my work and keep it with people I trust. 

 After way too many years without really any updates, this site is finally getting updated.  WooHoo!!! 

This site is also the host to several of Mia Skywalker's Dragonball Z fanfiction.  These stories are hosted with her permission so please do not take them for your sites.  Any feedback regarding these fiction is to come through me and I will forward it to her.  In addition, do not ask me when she is going to finish "A Light in the Darkness" that is for her to decide to release.  Although I have heard that she is doing a final rewrite of the last chapters so hopefully it will be soon. 



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