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Armour Making

This section will be constantly expanding. All of these how-to essays assume you have a basic understanding of some skills such as dishing, fluting, planishing, etc. These are aimed at the advanced beginner, but even a complete novice should be able to follow most of these. Feel free to email me with questions. These are not hardfast rules for these pieces. All armourers do things a little different. This is just how I do it. I encourage you to experiment with different methods and find what works for you. Only the first three sections are complete...or mostly complete. The others will be done in time! All that being said...on to the essays:

Here's a list of the patterns used in the various sections.
The grid behind the pattern is 1" sqr.

High-point spangen panel
Regular rounded spangen panel
14th century polyeon
Single-piece elbow
Single-piece knee
Splinted arms
Wingless single-piece cop

These are the 14th century elbows and knees.

Basic Spangenhelm

Basic Pembridge Greathelm

Splinted Arms

Simple Spaulders

3-Piece Articulated Elbows

Making Rondels and Other Fans

Brasswork and Other Embellishments


Here's some links to my
completed armour projects:

These are the early ones from a
decade ago, up through late 2000.
You can see the progression!
Here the more recent stuff from 2001.
I'll be adding more here as I make them.
I also make all sorts of other stuff.
Here's the link to the
Hall of Stuff

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